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Newport & District Table Tennis League - Personal Information - Privacy Policy


As the Newport & District Table-Tennis League, we have to comply with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


In order that we can communicate with our members to tell them about the events and competitions that we organise, and to assist with the administration of the League, we ask them to complete and sign a membership application or renewal form every year at the time that they pay their annual subscription.


This form will require name and contact details, date of birth if a junior (under 18 years) and if a member wishes to play in any tournament which has age limits, e.g. cadet, junior, or veteran events.


In the case of children under the age of 16, the signature must be that of a parent or guardian for the child. The consenting adult should provide their full name, and contact details if different in any way from that provided for the child on the form.


Each member will be asked to give positive assent to the League to hold this information in order that the legitimate purposes of operating the League can be performed as outlined above.


The information will be input to a database, on a password-protected personal computer, and a back-up copy will be safely archived. The Data Controller, within the terms of GDPR, will be the League Treasurer/Membership Secretary.


Additionally, the General Secretary and the Tournament Secretary of the League will have access to the database.


The paper membership forms will be kept until the Auditor has seen them during the performance of the annual audit of the League’s accounts and will thereafter be destroyed.


The League will retain a member’s details for three years after their last subscription expires on the basis that the League may wish occasionally to contact former members, for example, to invite them to re-join.


For their part, the League undertakes:


(a) to amend a member’s details on the database as soon as possible once the Data Controller has received notification by that member of a change.


(b) to provide a copy of the member’s details on the database within a month of receiving the member’s request.


(c) to review each member’s details on the database annually on receiving a membership renewal form and to review whether the details should be retained on the archival copy for a further period. 


(d) not to sell on a member’s personal details, or indeed to share those details with any third party without the member’s express consent.


(e) members have the right to withhold consent or to withdraw consent for the League to hold their personal data, however, as the League would not then be able to function or administer the business of the League, membership of the League would then cease. 


Table Tennis Association of Wales is the governing body for table tennis in Wales and in order to affiliate to TTAW the Newport League will share member data with them. In order to play competitive table-tennis at any level in Wales, the member must register with, and pay an affiliation fee to TTAW.  The TTAW affiliation fee will be collected along with the Newport League fees and passed to TTAW along with the member’s name and contact details.  If the TTAW affiliation fee has been paid either directly by the member or via another affiliated league or club then only the member’s name and contact details will be passed to TTAW.       



For details concerning how the TTAW handles your information, you are referred to:




For more information on GDPR, please refer to the website for the Information Commissioner (







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