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Proposed Merger

We are pleased to report that following the EGM's of the Newport League and the Eastern Valley League both meetings voted heavily in favour for the principle of merging together.

It is now proposed that a joint working group will be established to draw up a new constitutions and proposals to bring everything together in time for the start of the playing season 2020/21.

This is a great opportunity to create a larger and more sustainable organisations for the future, but we need 3-4 volunteers to move things forward and are willing to help create an exciting future for our sport.

Resolutions were also adopted for the merger of the Newport and Cwmbran Clubs and volunteers are also needs to take forward the ideas for a new constitution and ideas to bring the clubs together.

We will welcome your ideas and suggestions (or concerns) and ask that any members interested in joining either of these groups please advise Jonathan Greensmith (for league involvement) or Reg so that we can organise meetings with our Cwmbran members to start discussions moving forward.

In the meantime, the joint working group that was established with Eastern Valley members following the AGM in September 2019 is in the process of registering a Charitable Company and preparing a plan to seek funding to establish a purpose-built facility in our area.

Welsh League

February 2020


The final weekend of the Team Championship of Wales was played on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th February. The original squad of Peter Gardner, Granville Thomas, George Anastasov, and John Evans was augmented by the addition of Matt Squires. The team for Saturday (Peter, George, and Matt) started with a draw against Swansea D. Matt winning both his games and George winning 1. The second match of the day against Bridgend A. was a similar storey with Matt winning both his games and George winning 1 for a 3-3 draw. The final match on Saturday against Rhondda B. was a much better result again Matt won both of his but this time George won both his games and Peter won one of his for a much needed 5-1 win.


On Sunday the team of Granville, Matt, and John got off to a good start with a 4-2 win over Swansea E. Matt and John winning 2 games each. The second game was against league leaders Cardiff C after a 6-0 drubbing in the first round of matches it looked a different contest with Matt winning both his games playing some of the best table tennis seen in the division this season. After 4 games the score was 2-2 and Newport were hoping for one more game to make it a completely unbeaten weekend. Unfortunately John looked completely lost against Cardiffs number 2 so it was all down to Granville. Granville lost the first end but then played some good table tennis to get in front 2-1 sadly he couldn’t keep it going and lost the next 2 and the match 4-2 to Cardiff. With the team finishing 3rd in the division 3.  

November, 2019
With most of last years team now playing in the Eastern Valley League and team captain Peter Gardner unavailable this weekend Newport fielded a brand new team although some of them were very old hands at the game. 

Day one was a very tough day with Newport facing teams from Swansea , Bridgend and North Gwent.  The team of Granville Thomas, John Evans and George Anastasov started slowly losing 6-0 to Swansea D . The second match saw Newport face Bridgend. This was a better effort from Newport while still losing 5-1 with John winning the 1 game 3 of the other games went all the way to 5 sets a much improved performance. The third match was against North Gwent the eventual winners of the division and proved too strong for Newport as the 6-0 score line showed.

Day 2 started much better for Newport with Reg Smith replacing George. Newport won their first match John winning both of his matches and Reg and Granville both winning 1 each to take the score to 4-2 in Newport’s favour. The last match saw Newport on the wrong end of a 6-0 score line against a very strong Cardiff team .



 Presentation night

The presentation night will be held in the cricket pavillion spytty international sport village on Friday 25th October 2019 starting at 7.30. The food on the night is sausage and chips with a charde of £5.00 for all those attending.


Welsh League Vets Report 2018/19


The Vets competition during 2018/19 saw the team of Mike Watts, Chris Boswell and Reg Smith improve the results of Team Newport for the second year running.  After a poor return to the competition in 2016/17 with no wins, 2017/18 improved to 3 wins lifting us from the bottom of the table to improve again in 2018/19 in achieving 7 wins from 10 matches to finish in a very commendable second place. 


                             DIV TWO       

 TEAM                         P          W          L          F            A        PTS

1 Swansea                   10        10        0          63        17        20

2 Newport                   10        7          3          39        31        14

3 Eastern Valleys C     10        5          5          35        35        10

4 Cardiff C                   10        4          6          30        40        8

5 Carmarthen             10        3          7          24        46        6


6 Rhyl                          10        1          9          22        48        2  

Mike, Chris and Reg all achieved some excellent individual wins supporting the team’s overall results despite an injury to Mike in the second round following Reg stomping on his foot during a closely contested doubles match.

Congratulations to the 2018/19 Vets team for their excellent results.



We will be holding the Newport Closed on 16th April, and the Handicap Singles on 23th please make every effort to attend to make the competitions worth while.
The semi Finals of the Gordon Howarth Cup and the Burton Cup will be played on the 30th April see

Cup Competitions


for more details.


Welsh League Seniors Report 

On the Saturday the team was Michal Luckanic, Jeraze Dhanbhoora and Pete Gardner. We played 3 matches winning the first against St mellons by a 6-0 margin. The second game against Cardiff ‘F’ was a little more challenging ending in a draw, with Michal, Jeraze and Pete all winning one game each. Unfortunately in the last match of the day we lost 4-2 to Cardiff ‘D’ with Michael and Jeraze winning one each.


 The Sunday saw Jane Reeks join the ranks and Michael drop out. The first match of the day was against Swansea ‘D’ who beat us 4-2 with Jane and Pete picking up the two ends. In the last match of the weekend though we came up against Bridgend with Dean Richards in their ranks. Dean did the damage for Bridgend winning two games but we pulled through to win 4-2 with Pete winning his two and Jeraze and Jane picking up one each.

 After all the scores were in, we ended up in third place which was good consolidation after promotion last year.  We now look forward to next seasons challenge with great optimism.
Tuesday 12th March is the  Individual Divisional competition please make every effort to attend to make the competition worth while. 
News Flash Newports Senior Welsh League team finished 3rd in Division 3






Evs for

Evs agst




Cardiff City D










Swansea D




















Bridgend A










Cardiff City F










St Mellons C











Welsh League Seniors Report First Half 2018-2019

 The first half of the Welsh league seniors, held at Sophia Gardens Cardiff on 6th October, began well for Newport with an emphatic 6-0 win over Caerphilly ‘A’ with Pete Gardner, Michael Luckanic and Jeraze Dhanbhoora winning their games. Unfortunately this was our only win of the weekend. Match 2 was against Blaenavon ‘B’ who won 4-2 with Pete Gardner and Michael Luckanic picking up our only two wins in the game. The 3rd match against Cardiff ‘D’ was even harder with only Jeraze winning a game. The young Cardiff girls team were way too hot to handle; winning convincingly. The next day brought two more matches with Jane Reeks joining the fray and Michael dropping out. Newport lost 4-2 to Swansea’D’ but this could have easily been a draw. Jane and Jeraze won the only two games for Newport, but match two brought on some old rivals Bridgend ‘A’. This was a much closer match ending in a 3-3 draw with Jane, Pete and Jeraze all winning one game each.

At the recent Veteran Home Countries Championships Newport had represenatives in Helen Levy, Jane Reeks, Mike Watts and Frank Hillier. We must now send our congratulations to Jane on her success in winning 2 Medals.


Below is the full Welsh Vets Team see how many Newport players and former Newport players you can spot. You can send in your answers to 

Please check our new Privacy Policy at:- Privacy Policy

Matches start at 7.00pm on 2nd October at Newport Velodrome. See fixtures for more details.
On August the 16th Newport Table Tennis were involved in the Sport in the Park event at Beechwood Park. We had lots of potential players turn up to have a go and most seemed to enjoy it inspite of the wind which sometimes made playing quite tricky. We have another event on 23rd August this time in doors at the Tennis Centre, should be a bit easier to play there.

This years preseason practice will start on Tuesday 7 August at 8.00pm Start practicing now to get ready for your best season ever.
Our AGM is on Wednesday 15th August at the Velodrome.
On August 16th we are involved with the Sport in the Park event at Beechwood Park if you want to come along and help please let me know.
We are also involved in a similar event on August 23rd this time at Newport International sports village. Again hopeing for volunteers to help on the day.

On Thursday 5th April Newport Table Tennis took part in the sport eggstravaganza organised by Newport Live Sports Development team. It was a very busy day with 620 customers entering in the first hour with many more to follow. My thanks to Julie Daltrey and Jonathan Greensmith for helping on the day. Here are a few pictures from the event


Individual Competitions

The Handicap singles will be played on Tuesday 10 April everyone has a handicap so could have a chance of becoming Newport Handicap Singles Champion. Turn up early and go for it.

Divisional Championships
First of all I would like to say a big thanks to the competitors who turned up for the Division 1 and Division 2 Championships. An enthralling night was had with the top seeds being knocked out early in the Division 1 championship. Frank Hillier and Granville Thomas powered through the rounds to play each other in the Final with Frank winning 4-1. Frank knocked out the number 2 and number 3 seeds with Granville beating the number 1 and number 4 seeds both fully deserving their time in the limelight. The Division 2 Championship final was contested between Dave Macintosh and Helen Levy with Dave winning. Both players again battled through against stiff competition with Dave knocking out the Number 1 seed in the second round. Helen also surprised all of her opposition with a highly consistent display causing her opponents to make the mistakes for her to win through to the final.

Newport Junior Open 2018


The Newport Junior Open was held on 3rd February at Newport Velodrome. There were players from all over Wales taking part along with a few from England. The age groups were Under 13 Cadets (under 15) and Juniors (under 18). We started the day with the Under 13 Boys and Girls we had 2 groups of boys with the top 2 from each group going through to the semi finals. The girls when straight through to the final.
Under 13 Girls
Winner Ruby Elliott Runner up Sasha Lewis
Under 13 Boys
Winner Evan Williams Runner up Elliot Jones


Next up were the Cadets Girls and Boys. In this event we had 2 groups of girls and 3 groups for the boys. It was in this event we first saw the youngest Welsh International  Anna Hursey (as seen on TV)


                                                                          Anna Hursey (at the far end) the umpire is our own Jane Reeks.
Cadet Girls
Winner Anna Hursey Runner up Lara Whitton

Cadet Boys
Winner Joseph Roberts Runner up Ben Allen


The last Event of the day the Junior Girls and Boys. Again 2 groups for the Girls but 4 groups for the boys. This proved to be most interesting where the top seeds did not win there event. Beth Richards the top ranked girl was beaten in the semis by Lara Whitton and the top ranked boy was beaten in the final.
Junior girls
Winner Anna Hursey runner up Lara Whitton
Junior Boys
Winner Benedict Watson Runner up Yameen Al-Dahiri


Overall it was a good days table tennis with most of the top Welsh players showing how the game should be played, with a mixture of results and the highest ranked players not always coming out on top.


At this point I must thank Chris Monelle, Peter Gardner, Alan Rees and Jane Reeks for giving up some of their Saturday to help with the umpiring. I must also give a very special thank you to Julie Daltrey and Granville Thomas who gave up all their Saturday to help run the whole event.

Left to right Lara Whitton, Beth Richards and Anna Hursey


Welsh League Seniors Report



After disappointedly being relegated to Division 4 following the first round of matches, mainly due to the adverse weather and having 2 matches ruled against us for not being able to attend. We quickly set our stall out to get back to Division 3 next season.


 On the Saturday the team was Michal Luckanic, Jeraze Dhanbhoora, Reg Smith and Pete Gardner. We played 3 matches winning each of them by a 6-0 margin with Michal, Jeraze and Reg in the first two matches and Pete replacing Reg in the last match of the day.

 The Sunday was a stiffer test though; even with Jeraze having a 100% record over the whole weekend we were only able to draw the last 2 matches. Jane Reeks joined the team for Sunday as Michal (also 100%) was unable to attend. The last match against Caerphilly was a do or die game. Due to us drawing the previous game against Cardiff ‘F ‘, mainly due to them bringing a better player in to their team for the Sunday, we needed to win the match but they only needed a draw to ensure winning the Division. After a titanic battle with Jeraze winning 2 and Pete winning 1, we unfortunately were unable to beat them with Jane narrowly losing to an old Newport player Colin Price.

 Overall we showed that we should be able to hold our own next season in Division 3 and hopefully won’t get any snow to scupper our chances. All said and done second place and promotion was a very successful outcome and we look forward to next seasons challenge with great optimism.


The Newport Junior Open will be held on Saturday 3rd of February. To make this event a sucess could I ask for as many volunteers to come along on the day to help with the running of this event. The event will start at 9.30 and will run until all finals are played, hopfully by 6.00pm. This is a prestigious event and a great oppotunity to see how the game should be played.

The Cup competition to be played on Tuesday 16th January 2018 is the Burton Cup. If I have the draw before then I will post it on the Cup Competition page so please check there before you go, otherwise please can everyone attend and try to arrive as early as possible so Peter can get things organised and matches can start by 7.30.

Next Tuesday is the last session before Christmas. As usual we will be having an after match Christmas get together/meal ing the cricket Pavilion of the Spytty international Sports Village. Food choices are Chicken Curry with Rice, Chips or both. Scampi & Chips, Chicken or Beef Burger & Chips (with cheese if wanted), Pie or Pastie & Chips.  Prices remain unchanged between £4.00 to £5.50 depending on choice.  Please let Reg know of your choice by e-mail to or text message to 07947068803 

Senior Welsh League

Great News for our Senior Welsh League team they have won promotion without striking a ball.
On to more serious note next week is the 2nd round or the Gordon Howarth Cup please check the
Cup Competitions page for the draw.



One year ago Newport played their first Welsh Veterans League match in North Wales and lost all 5 matches. This time Newport had a much improved performance.

The team was ;

Chris Boswell

Frank Hillier

Jane Reeks

Mike Watts

The opening match was against Trehafod who were relegated from Division 1. We lost 0-7 although Chris and Mike took Garreth Dummett the distance. Mike also lost a close match 3-1 against Hiok Otung who Mike claimed was consistently foul serving. Chris lost in straight sets to C K Tan but all the ends were very close.

The second match was against Eastern Valley C. Again we lost 0-7, with Frank and Mike both taking an end in one of their matches.

The last match of the day was against Carmarthen. Chris went on first against Vince Dragone; it was a very close match which Chris lost 13-15 in the 4th. Mike then played Simon Packer and won in straight sets. Frank then played Alan Griffiths and in a very tense match lost in 7-11 in the 4th. Chris and Mike then played the doubles; it was a tight game which we lost in the 4th. At this stage we were 1-3 down with 3 singles to play.

Mike went on next and played Vince Dragone. After going 2 ends down, Mike won the next 3 games winning 11-5 in the 5th. Chris then played Alan Griffiths. The match again went the distance with Chris winning 12-10 in the 5th, a great performance as this kept us in the match with the chance of gaining our first win. All now rested on Frank who played Simon Packer in the deciding singles. Frank lost the opening end but then turned the tables and won the next 3 ends. This was a great performance by Frank as the pressure was huge. We therefore ended the first day with a win. A beer was definitely in order!

The opening match on day 2 was against North Wales. Mike dropped out and Jane played instead. North Wales called in a late replacement Ken Connor, who is a division player and they proved a strong team. Chris played very well against Ken, losing the match 10-12 in the 5th; all the games were close. Jane took one of her opponents the distance losing in the 5th. But in the end we lost 0-7.

Our final match was against Cardiff C. Frank played first against Geoff Strangeway, losing 7-11 in the 4th. Mike then played Peter Gordon and won in straight sets. Chris went on next and played Paul Holliday. This was a very tight match which went the distance after Chris lost the first 2 ends, winning 11-9 in the 5th. Mike and Chris then played the doubles which we lost in the 4th end. The match was poised at 2-2 ! Frank then played Peter Gordon and went 2-0 up before losing 8-11 in the 5th. Chris then played Geoff Strangeway in a vital game to keep us in the match so no pressure ! Chris went ahead 2-0 then lost the 3rd end 8-11, before coming storming back to win 11-9 in the 4th. The match was evenly balanced at 3-3. Mike then played the deciding game against Paul Holliday. Mike lost the first end then won the next, Paul then took a 2-1 lead before Mike levelled the game winning the 4 th end 11-9. The final end was tense , Mike went 5-9 down before eventually winning 11-9.

Newport therefore won 2 of their 5 matches. A much improved performance compared to the opening weekend of the previous year.

Well done to all the team.

We now look forward to the second weekend in North Wales in February 2018.


The annual General Meeting of the league will take place on Wednesday 23 August 2017 at 8.00 the venue is the Commonwealth Suite Newport Velodrome.
Annual General Meeting August 2017


·         Apologies
·         Minutes of last meeting
·         Matters arising
·         Correspondence/Newport Open Tournament
·         General/Fixture Secretary’s Report
·         Tournament Secretary’s Report
·         Treasurers Report
·         Auditors Report
·         Chairman’s Report
·         Election Of Officers
·         Honorarium
·         Newport & District Table Tennis Club




Brian Baker died in Australia in July 2017 after a short illness. He was 71.

Brian was an active, well known and popular player in the Newport league in the 1970s and 1980s. Although he emigrated to Australia in the late 80s, and lived in New Zealand for six years, he never forgot his roots and kept in touch with players, twice returning to Newport to visit.

He is perhaps best remembered for realising a lifetime's ambition in founding a table tennis club in the basement of his own home at Brynglas where he ran 8 teams. Brian also co- edited with his friend Clive Wood a newsletter, The Tablet, that circulated to clubs in the days before the Internet. He also gave dedicated service to the Newport league by serving on its various committees.

When Brian moved to the other side of the world his love for table tennis continued and he set up clubs and coaching  in Melbourne and Tweeds Head, in Queensland.

A larger than life character, both physically and in ambition , those who met him will not forget him or what he did for the game.

With the last of the cup matches being organised it's now time to start thinking about next season. As there are no olympics this year we can start our preseason practice our usual 10 week before the start of the opening matches. This means our first practice session will be on 8.00 - 9.00 on Tuesday 25 July. However there is an event on the following week so Tuesday 1st August is not available. 


Welsh League Championship


The second round of the Seniors event took place on weekend of 28th-29th January 2017 with Newport needing to record some victories to ensure we are not relegated for next season.  Unfortunately we were unable to field a full team of 3 due to Mike Watts having previously agreed to guest for Rhondda C that coincidentally fell into the same group as Newport.  Newport therefore welcomed our own guest Ashley Wray from that well known suburb of Newport, Carmarthen.


John Evans and Michael Luckanic (with our guest) player three rounds on the Saturday unfortunately losing by 5 events to 1 against Carmarthen that are possibly one of the strongest teams in this division with only Michael recording a win.

The second match was against Rhondda "C" and turned out to be much more decisive for Newport winning 5 events to 1.  Both Michael and our guest Ashley took 2 wins each with the closest event between John and Mike Watts with John eventually losing in a keenly contested 5 sets.  John winning his other event taking the result to victory.

The final match of the day against St Mellons "D" turned into a strongly contested event with 4 events going to 4 or 5 ends.  Unfortunately Michael and John recorded the only wins in losing the match 4 events to 2 with Michael narrowly losing his final event of the day that but for a couple of points might have levelled the match,

It was then all change for Sunday's  two matches with Frank Hillier and Reg Smith stepping in for Newport, Reg having last played for Newport as a teenager almost 50 years ago!

Frank led Newport into a good start beating the strongest player in Cardiff "C" in a close 5 setter with Reg and Ashley following to record 2 more close wins lifting the team to a 3 nil start.  Reg then lost his second event with Frank and Ashley winning their events to record a 5 to 1 win.

The final match was against North Gwent "B" comprising two juniors and the club's player coach and strongest player.  The first round of events all led to decisive wins for Newport opening a 3 nil lead with the second round being more closely contested all going to 4 ends.  Reg led out the final round with a win in a hard hitting contest against their coach.  Frank then narrowly lost his last match against a N Gwent youngster who grew in confidence after beating Frank 12/10 in the third end with our guest Ashley taking the final event with Newport recoding our second to win of the day 5 to 1.

Overall through the weekend Newport recoded 3 decisive wins 5 to 1 losing 2 losses and which should maintain our position and avoid relegation.

 The last playing night of the year will be Tuesday 13 December. As usual we are arranging to go over to the cricket club for some refreshments to end the 1st part of the season in 2016.


Food choices are Chicken Curry with Rice, Chips or both. Scampi & Chips, Chicken or Beef Burger & Chips (with cheese if wanted), Pie or Pastie & Chips.  Prices remain unchanged between £4.00 to £5.50 depending on choice.  Please let Reg know of your choice by e-mail to or text message to 07584 324234






 Newport entered a team for the first time in several years.

Chris Boswell, Frank Hillier and Mike Watts travelled to Rhyl in North Wales and played 5 teams, (3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday).The format was 6 singles and a doubles game per match.

On a cold and windy Saturday we started our campaign playing Swansea, who proved to be the top team of the division. None of us played to our potential and we were convincingly beaten 7-0.

Our next opponents were Eastern Valley C. Chris Boswell was the hero beating John Thomas 3-1. Whilst Frank Hillier and Mike Watts took games and Mike and Chris took a game in the doubles, we lost the match 6-1.

Our final opponents of the day were Carmarthen. Chris again won one of singles beating Vince Dragone 3-2. Whilst Frank and Mike again won some games they couldn’t find a way to finish their opponents off. Chris and Frank took a game in the doubles. We lost the match 6-1.

There was no celebrations on the Saturday evening. After dinner we all retired somewhat hurt to our beds.

Our first opponents on Sunday morning were Tnys Mon A from North Wales. Frank played really well against Keith Williams and in a close match narrowly lost 2-3. Keith was the top player of the weekend winning all 10 of his matches so this was a great result for Frank. Frank went on to play Roger Lee who had a somewhat unique style courtesy of a pimpled backhand rubber and thin sponge. Frank lost 1-3.  Mike lost 2-3 against Mark Bryant and 1-3 against Roger Lee.

The winning ways of the previous day evaded Chris who coined a well-known 2 word expression which became his mantra. Unfortunately it is unprintable ! We lost the match 7-0 but our performance was improving.

Our last match was against our close rivals Cardiff C. Chris was first up playing Geoff Strangeway, a strong player who won 70% of his matches. In a close game Chris played well taking a 2-1 lead before finally losing 2-3.

Mike was next on against Peter Gordon. In a hard fought match with games 3 &4 going to deuce Mike finally lost 2-3.

Frank then played an inspired match beating Paul Holliday 3-0. The match was finally balanced at 1-2. Mike and Frank played the doubles and the first 2 games were close both going to deuce but we lost both and were 0-2 down. We then the next game but finally lost 1-3. Chris then lost to Peter Gordon but 2 of the games went to deuce. Frank then played Geoff Strangeway and quickly took a 2-0 lead. Geoff then fought back and finally won by winning the last 3 games.

The final match was Mike against Paul Holliday. Mike took a 2-1 lead before surrendering the next game. The final game was very close going to deuce before Mike finally won 13-11.

So we lost 2-6 but it could easily have been 4-3.

Despite losing all our matches we improved as the weekend progressed. We now know the playing styles of all the opponents and look forward to putting up a better performance at the repeat matches in Cardiff in  February  2017.



Presentation Night
The Annual presentation night will be held on Saturday 29th October starting at 7.30 with the food at 8.00 don't be late.


Curry with rice or chips or rice & chips £5.50Burger & chips £4.50Pie or pastie & chips £4.00Scampi & chips £5.00
A vegetarian option will be available on request.
Please contact Reg Smith at to place your order.
There will be a raffle so if you can donate a prize it will be much appreciated.

Pre season practice starts at the velodrome on Tuesday 6th September at 7.00 until 9.00

The Annual General Meeting of the Newport & District League will be held at Beaufort community centre on Wednesday 24 August starting at 8.00 pm.

The Gwent closed championships were won by:-
Juniors - Ben Allen
Seniors - Lee Thomas
Veterans - Lee Thomas

The Gwent Table Tennis Association is holding a Gwent Closed Tournament for Seniors, Veterans and Juniors. This will be held on 30 April 2016. Please show your support by entering this Tournament as without it it may never happen again. If you want an entry form please see John Evans who will have some every Tuesday.

For our longer serving members I have had sad news about one of our former members. Malcolm and all his family were members of the league back in the 1980/90s.

"Hello John, I’m hoping this e-mail address is still live as I got it from the Newport TTL web site.
I was just writing to let you know that my Dad Malcolm Evans died last Tuesday at Llandough hospital.
Mum Sian & I were wondering if anyone still playing in the league remembered him & may wish to
attend his funeral which is at Marshfield Church on December 22nd at 11.30
I hope you don’t mind me contacting you like this.
Mum & I are very glad the league is still going strong and wish you a Merry Christmas.
Best Wishes
Gary Evans"

A light meal has been booked at the cricket club after play on 15th December.
Choices include -
Chicken curry with rice/ chips or both £5.50 Burger & chips (chicken or beef with or without cheese) £4.50 Pie or pasty & chips £4.00 Scampi & chips £5.50
Please let Reg know of your choice by e-mail at or on Tuesday night 8th December.

County Update - After 2 training sessions with the county squad Josh Buttle has been selected for the team to play in Southampton on the 12 December. Congratulations Josh.

 After many years of inactivity the Gwent Table Tennis Assocaition has entered a cadet team into the county championships. We are pleased to announce that one of our younger members (Josh Buttle) has been added to the squad initially as a reserve but hopfully will make the team sometime during the season. Well done and good luck Josh. 

The Annual Presentation Night will be held at the Sports/Cricket Pavillion, Spytty Park on Friday 13 November starting at 7.00. To confirm you are going to be there please see Reg or John. Entry costs £5.50

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting August 2015

( Meeting held at Beaufort Community Centre, Beaufort Road, Newport.)








J Evans, R Smith, C Monelle, P Gardner. A Rees



Apology received from G Thomas, R Whaite, M Desmond


Minutes of Last meeting


The minutes of the AGM August 2014 were circulated and agreed as a true record.

Matters Arising


There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.




The correspondence was


1)      An invitation to enter teams into the welsh league. Unfortunately as the secretary did not receive this until after the closing date a team could not be entered.


General Secretary’s Report


See appendix 1 for report.

As mentioned in the report Gwent TTA is being reawakened. As a result this could mean Gwent affiliation fees are to be paid. It is hoped that this year it will be a nominal £10 per league/club. The Gwent TTA will also endeavour to run a Gwent closed tournament, with a junior event held in north Gwent and a senior event in Newport. Mr R Smith also requested that a rule change be proposed by

Newport to reduce the numbers required for a Quorum.


Tournament Secretary’s Report


See appendix 2 for report of match results.


Peter was concerned with the number of no shows in the singles tournaments and proposes to have entry forms for the players next year to get some commitment as to whether they want to enter and play.

Treasurer’s Report


See appendix 3 for main balance sheet. Further details if required obtained from R Smith.


Briefly we made a surplus last year but some of this will be offset by an increase in the TTAW registration fee. Nonetheless it was proposed to the meeting and carried unanimously to keep the fees the same as last year and to stop collecting the weekly subs when it is clear that  we have enough money to cover our expenses.

Auditor’s Report


See appendix 4


Accounts audited and books and records classed as a true record. Audit carried out by R Whaite.

Chairman’s Report


The Chairman thanked the officers and committee for their work over the last season. He then went on to comment about the poor way thr score cards were being filled in. It was suggested that the score cards be returned to the home side to complete properly before the points are awarded. It was also suggested that a laminated fixture list be on display at every round of league matches.

Election of Officers


All existing officers were re-elected enblock. Granville Thomas was elected to the Vice Chairman’s position.




Honoraria to remain at the sum of £60 for all recipients.


Fees for 2015 / 2016 Season


Fees will remain the same as the 2014 / 2015 season


                                    Seniors £60


                                    £2 per night when playing


                                    Juniors              £40


                                    £1 per night when playing



Meeting closed at 9.00 pm

   all appendices available on request.                               


The Annual General Meeting of the Newport & District League will take place at Beaufort Community Centre, Beaufort Road, St Julians, Newport, starting at 7.30pm. on Wednesday 19th August 2015. All members are invited to attend. Please be aware this is your opportunity to influence how your league is run.






·        Apologies


·        Minutes of last meeting

·        Matters arising

·        Correspondence

·        General/Fixture Secretary’s Report

·        Tournament Secretary’s Report

·        Treasurers Report

·        Auditors Report

·        Chairman’s Report

·        Election Of Officers
·        Honorarium

New Season

The pre season practise sessions will start on 28 July 2015 and will run for 10 weeks. The League will then start on 6 October 2015. Practise starts at 8.00pm and ends at 9.00pm any play outside these time is liable to be charged for by the Velodrome.

If you are not a league member and want to know more about joining then this is the time to do it, just come along bring your bat and join in

End of the Season

With the league now complete the attention turns to the cup competitions and the individual competitions. The division 1 champion was won by Gareth Aviss in a match that went the full distance. Gareth managed to come back after going 3 sets to nil down against much improved Ryan Oliver and win the title 4 sets to 3. In the 2nd division Robert Lewis showed he is making progress by going one better this year and winning the title in a very close encounter with former champion Paul Griffiths. In division 3 Steve Edwards had a comfortable win over last years runner up Anthony Evans.

In the Gordon Howarth Cup The Dons who were the current holders were trying to retain their title. However it was not to be, The Pensioners looked unstopable when they raced into a 2-0 lead but The Dons showed their fighting spirit by winning the next 2 games to level the match. With it all to play for a determined Ryan Oliver showed how much he wanted to be a winner and claimed the deciding game 3-0 to win the Gordon Howarth Cup.    

Graham Brettell

Following the death of Graham your committee has decided to honour his memory by making a donation to St David’s Hospice Care being the charity requested by his family.  A collection will be made on Tuesday 14 April 2015 for any league members that wish to contribute, both to Graham’s memory and to this very worthwhile organisation that provides care to the terminally ill and their families and friends.

 Your committee hopes that members will be generous in their donations.

 Reg (Treasurer on behalf of your organising Committee)  

Welsh League

It was the 2nd session of the senior Welsh Team Championship last weekend (28/2/15 - 1/3/15) with Newport Participating with a realistic expectation of winning the division and gain promotion. The team Frantisek Mercack, Marek Mercack and Lyndon Oliver provided strong opposition for any of the other teams. Overall Newport had a fantastic weekend winning 5 of their 6 ties. Newport surprisingly lost to Cardiff City C as a bit of complacency crept in against the young girls. This loss cost us dearly as 3 teams finished on the same number of points and Newport narrowly missed out on countback to Bridgend A and Cardiff City C.
There was also the bitter sweet match between Lyndon and his vastly improved son Ryan. Once again Ryan defeated Lyndon 3-1 despite Ryan suffering from the after effects of his 21st birthday celebrations he had a very good weekend winning most of his matches including both matches against Newport. This can only bode well for us as we hope to have Ryan playing for Newport next season and not against us.
I would like to congratulate Marek for being Newport's best playerlosing just 1 game throughout the weekend. I would also thank all the other players who represented Newport this year it's great to see the Newport league back in the Welsh League and getting stronger. Also a big thank you to Ryan Oliver for doing these reports and lets hope we can be even more sucessful when we see you in a Newport shirt. So Ryan keep practising keep improving and keep off the drink. 

Graham Brettell

It is with a great sadness that I have to announce the passing away of our former Chairman Graham Brettell.  Graham had been bravely battling against cancer for the past 2 years, but finally lost the battle during the early hours of Monday 16th February.


 Graham joined the Newport & District League as a teenager and continued his membership for over 50 years.  He represented Newport as a player at Junior, Senior and Veteran levels.  Everyone that knew Graham would agree that he was a true gentleman away from the table and a fierce competitor whilst on it.

 Until last August, he was the Chairman of the Newport League when due to his illness, he stepped down to become the Vice Chair.  He remained as Chairman of the Gwent Table Tennis Association.  Graham will also be remembered throughout Wales when during the late eighties and early nineties, he was ‘taxi driver’ for his daughter Claire when she played in her tournaments and Welsh League all over the country.

 On a more personal note, I had the privilege of having Graham as a team mate for 6 years and good friend for more than 30 years.

 Goodbye Graham, rest in peace you will be sadly missed.

Welsh League

It was the first weekend of the senior Team Championship of Wales which saw Newport participate after a year out. Newport were placed in Division 2 due to last years exit. The were represented by Lyndon Oliver, Michael Lukanic and Frantisek Mercack. It proved to be a fantastic weekend for Newport as the team sent Newport to the top of the division and promoted to Division 1 which will be contested in March next year. Newport looked comfortable all weekend losing just 1 match to Swansea B. The star player of the weekend for Newport was Michael who lost only 1 game through the entire weekend. There was a bitter sweet moment when Lyndon played his son Ryan Oliver who played for Ael-y-Bryn B. There was no love lost in this match as Lyndon finally sucumbed to Ryan 2-3 non the less Newport won after an epic battle . By beating Ael-y-Bryn B overall in the tie Newport were confirmed for promotion. A huge congratulations to all the players who participated over the weekend, well done.

Don't forget presentation night is this Friday see details below.
You may have noticed a mistake with thr date of the 2nd cup week on the fixtures handed out last Tuesday. The solution is to move all following dates forward to cover the wrong date (14/1/1900) and add a date at the end of the season so that the last date is now 12/5 2015.

Presentation Night

The Annual presentation night will be held on Friday 24 October starting at 7.30 with the food at 8.00 don't be late.


Curry with rice or chips or rice & chips £5.50

Burger & chips £4.50

Pie or pastie & chips £4.00


Scampi & chips £5.00

A vegetarian option will be available on request.

Please contact Reg Smith at to place your order.

There will be a raffle so if you can donate a prize it will be much appreciated.


The Annual General Meeting of the Newport & District League will take place at Beaufort Community Centre, Beaufort Road, St Julians, Newport, starting at 7.30pm. on Thursday 21st August 2014. All members are invited to attend. Please be aware this is your opportunity to influence how your league is run.




·        Apologies

·        Minutes of last meeting

·        Matters arising

·        Correspondence

·        General/Fixture Secretary’s Report

·        Tournament Secretary’s Report

·        Treasurers Report

·        Auditors Report

·        Chairman’s Report

·        Election Of Officers
·        Honorarium

Summer Practise
Our pre season summer practise sessions will start on July 22 and run until 30 September with league matches due to start on 7 October 2014. please note that 5 August is not available and no practise will be available that night. The time for the booking is 20.00 untill 21.00. Any play outside these time should be paid for at reception.
This is just to confirm that the league booking at the velodrome has now finished. If you need or want to play during the next few weeks you will need to make an individual table booking. This can be done by ringing Newport Sport & leisure on 01633 656757 no more than a week before you want to play. Any scorecards from any outstanding matches that are played should be sent to John Evans, 21 Beechwood Crescent, Newport. NP19 8AB as soon after the match as is practicable. Please check here later for news on when our pre season practise will start.

All members

On our last playing night before the Christmas break - 10 December 2013 - a booking has been made to have an after match light meal and refreshments at the Cricket Club in the sports village site.

Food options are as follows -
Curry with Rice and/or Chips £5.50
Sampi and Chips                     £5.00
Burger & Chips                       £4.50
Pie/Pastie & Chips                  £4.00
A vegetarian option is available on request

Please let Reg know on 3 December 2013 what you would like to order or e-mail you order to him at as soon as possible.

We look forward to your company on this traditional evening.

Presentation Night

Our Presentation Night will be on 27 September in the cricket pavilion Spytty Park starting at 7.30.

For those who haven't been before we present all the medals to the winners starting a about 8.00 have a meal approx 8.45 then some sort of quiz with prizes. There is also a raffel. If you would like to donat a prize for the raffel please bring it with you on the night.

Curry with Rice and/or Chips £5.50
Sampi and Chips                     £5.00
Burger & Chips                       £4.50
Pie/Pastie & Chips                  £4.00
A vegetarian option is available on request

To book your ticket and order your meal contact Reg Smith at by Wednesday 25 September at the latest.

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